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Resources for Asking Questions or Reporting Concerns

Reporting suspected violations of the Code is critical and we all have an obligation to do so.

If you have questions or are aware of suspected violations, there are several resources available to you.

Any reported violations of the Code will be investigated.

All allegations of illegal or unethical conduct will be investigated. Additionally, the Chief Compliance Officer will coordinate internal compliance reviews to evaluate employee adherence to this Code and ONE Gas’ compliance program. Code violations are taken seriously, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken upon learning of compliance violations.

Full cooperation is imperative by all employees and contractors when gathering facts and determining the appropriate outcome. If you are contacted by a member of Legal, Human Resources, Compliance and Ethics, Internal Audit or an outside attorney in response to an allegation, you have a duty to cooperate. You have a duty to be open, honest and forthcoming during an investigation. If you are not, then you are subject to discipline up to, and including, termination.


Your supervisor

You are encouraged to take your questions and concerns to your supervisor. If you do not want to tell your supervisor about your concern, or if you do not believe your supervisor has taken appropriate action, you may also go to:

Any member of the Human Resources Department

You may contact HR’s ONE Resource or ONE Gas’ Chief HR Officer at:

ONE Resource:

Mark Bender
Senior Vice President, Administration
Chief Information Officer

ONE Gas, Inc.,
Attn: Human Resources
P.O. Box 21049 Tulsa,
OK 74121

Compliance and Ethics HelpLine

To assist employees in reporting concerns about possible unethical, illegal or unsafe business conduct or activity and questionable accounting or auditing matters, ONE Gas utilizes Convercent to administer the Corporate Compliance & Ethics HelpLine. Employees can use the toll-free HelpLine and may choose to remain anonymous.

Helpline Phone – 855.654.5560
ONE Gas Compliance & Ethics Resource Center

Convercent provides a HelpLine and website, which is staffed by non-ONE Gas employees to take your report. You may choose to remain completely anonymous under either method. When making reports anonymously, you should provide sufficient details concerning the identity of the individual(s) involved, date(s) of the unethical behavior and any other details to ensure a proper investigation.

Convercent will forward the information to the ONE Gas Compliance & Ethics Department and the Chief Compliance Officer who will ensure that your report is investigated and, if warranted, appropriate action taken in response to the investigation findings.

Chief Compliance Officer

Grant Jackson
Managing Attorney

ONE Gas, Inc.
Attn: Compliance and Ethics
P.O. Box 21049
Tulsa, OK 74121

The Compliance and Ethics Department

Jennifer Cain
Compliance and Ethics Coordinator

Jennifer Bean
Supervisor – Compliance and Ethics

ONE Gas, Inc.
Attn: Compliance and Ethics
P.O. Box 21049
Tulsa, OK 74121

Any member of the Legal Department

You may contact the General Counsel or any other member of the Legal Department with whom you have worked.

Joseph L. McCormick
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

ONE Gas, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
P.O. Box 24019
Tulsa, OK 74121

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