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Related Company Policies

This Code is intended as an overview of the company’s guiding principles and not as a restatement of our policies and procedures.

ONE Gas maintains separate, detailed policies regarding issues discussed in the Code. The relevant policies should be reviewed by employees through the ONE Gas Hub. The Code is not intended to cover every applicable law or provide answers to all questions; for that we must ultimately rely on each person’s good sense of right and wrong, including knowing when to seek guidance from others for the appropriate course of action.

This Code is a statement of ONE Gas’ expectations for individual and business conduct. It is not intended to and does not, in any way, constitute an employment contract or assurance of continued employment and does not create any rights for any employee, client, supplier, competitor, shareholder or any other person or entity.

Responsible companies are expected to comply with laws and regulations and to always respect the intent underlying these laws and regulations, which, in many instances, means going beyond minimum legal requirements. This Code is based on all of us taking responsibility beyond what is required and establishes guidelines for ethical as well as legal behavior.

The matters covered in this Code are of the highest priority for ONE Gas, and are essential to maintaining an ethical business. Violations of the Code are serious offenses that may result in disciplinary actions, such as warnings, counseling, suspension, dismissal or civil action by the company. In addition, violations of the Code that are also violations of law may result in fines, penalties, criminal prosecutions or other legal remedies.

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