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Illegal or Unethical Conduct

ONE Gas’ core principle is simple: no illegal or unethical conduct will be tolerated.

ONE Gas seeks to foster an environment that exceeds the minimum requirements of the law. As a result, we view any violation of the Code seriously. The actions of a single individual can undermine the reputation of the company and all of our employees, as well as our board members and officers. Any violation of the Code by an employee may lead to significant sanctions, including termination.

ONE Gas and our employees will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

ONE Gas and its business units are subject to numerous external laws, rules and regulations. Violations of these rules expose ONE Gas and our employees, officers and board members to potential monetary penalties, lawsuits, reputational damage, loss of stakeholder value and civil and criminal charges. We are required to comply with the letter and intent of all applicable laws, rules and regulations and to act with integrity and in a principled and ethical manner.

We must:

  • Be aware of the laws, rules and regulations that affect our daily job responsibilities and understand how they apply to our work.
  • Ask questions and gain clarification on the impact of applicable laws, rules and regulations prior to acting.
  • Communicate any ethics and compliance concerns to our supervisors.

Company money, property, services or anything else of value shall not be contributed, furnished or used for any unlawful purpose.

Under no circumstances will any activity be authorized or undertaken by an employee that violates the provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, federal or state election laws, bribery, or other applicable laws. At no time shall company money, property, services or anything of value be contributed, furnished to or used by a political candidate or party except as authorized by federal and state law regarding political action committees and except for goods or services furnished and paid for in the ordinary course of the company’s business.

Questions & Answers

    A: Wearing company gear outside of work hours or at bars is not a violation of any company policy. However, caution should be taken, as customers do not know when you are or aren't on the clock. They may assume you are drinking alcohol on duty. Employees and contractors are not allowed to drive a company vehicle, including rental cars, while drinking alcohol.

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