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Business Conduct

Fair Dealing

Each employee, officer or board member shall deal fairly and in good faith with the company’s customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, business partners, competitors and others.

No employee, officer or board member may personally take opportunities that are discovered through the use of company property, information or position for personal gain or compete with the company (e.g., using company information to start a business that directly sells products to the company). Employees, officers and board members owe a duty to the company to advance its legitimate interests when there is an opportunity to do so.

We are committed to fair dealing.

  • Do not mislead, misrepresent, deceive or take unfair advantage of customers or suppliers.
  • Buy from suppliers and sell to customers based on appropriate business considerations such as quality, price, service and reliability.
  • When buying goods or services on behalf of the company, treat all potential suppliers fairly and honestly.
  • Never indicate to any supplier that our relationship with them may be affected by personal favors, donations to charity, etc.
  • Do not offer gifts, entertainment or favors to win or keep business.

Treat ONE Gas customers with respect. Treat every customer, co-worker and supplier as you would like to be treated. Each contact shapes our reputation in the marketplace. This professionalism becomes particularly important if suspension of service to a customer is ever in question. Abusive conduct has no place in any customer relationship and will not be tolerated.

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